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Yeah, you could make this on android if you want.

All i could say is that it is a PERFECT, hyper-casual game for android. It would be great if you would add your own level editor, like create your own levels, if you could add some more music there.  That would be awesome.

You should, add it on ios and android. It would get a lot of downloads, i loved it.

Hi, sorry for the very late answer. The game was made for the ludum dare jam 43, so thats why it's very limited. Currently i'm working on a new Version in my spare time, every now and then, but only for desktop. I've already tested it on mobile and it's nearly impossible to play it unless I change the controls but this change the gameplay entirely (also tested).

I wish you the best in making it. You could improvise it in time. So don't hurry.

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Hahaha ok! Thank you very much :)

Great mechanics!

Thanks! :)