A downloadable game for Windows and Android

CUBRIS is my take on tile matching genre but with cubes in VR. This is a prototype (a proof of concept) and I could only test it on Windows and Oculus Quest 2. So, no guarantee that it will work with other devices as well. But every feedback is appreciated!

PlatformsWindows, Android
Release date Jul 16, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorWaldemar Umaniz
Tags3D, Casual, Tetris, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsOculus Rift, Oculus Quest


Cubris (prototype) 0.5.11 - windows.zip 31 MB
Cubris (prototype) 0.5.11 - oculus quest 2.apk 29 MB


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This is 3D Tetris  from my time...   :)

Regards .........

every time i open the game it crashes

Same here, I see unity logo and 1 second of tutorial and crash, everytime. I have Rift S, gpu AMD, cpu Ryzen, 16 gb ram and Windows 10. I really like to play your game, I love tetris and this game looks fun :(

Is this using OpenXR, OpenVR, or the Oculus SDK?

Oculus XR Plugin


Very cool game, I really liked it!

Personally, I miss a relaxed mode, without a shrinking field. Where you just collect cubes in disappearing rows, and you don't worry about anything.


The Time Trial mode is basically a relaxed mode. I've just added the time limit so the player can compete against each other. But in the upcoming version there will be a zen mode.


I will look forward to the new version!

Excellent work. Nice physics on the shapes. I like how you get two games (a timed one and a shrinking container).

On the 'Score Attack' on a Quest2, I was given a straight shape of 4 cubes when the container had already shrunk to 3x2 (so it couldn't be used).

It might be nice to have selectable durations (not just 10 minutes)?

Thanks for sharing your prototype.

Thanks for your feedback!

"4 cubes in smaller container" this was intentionally. In this situation you can just discard this tile. My intention was to make the game fair. Each session is based on a seed and therefore can be replayed. That means that the type and the order of all tiles remains the same from session to session as long the seed does not change. I made it this way so the player could get the same seed from a player with highest score. This way no one could say "you got your highscore because you was lucky with your tiles set".

"selectable durations" this is already possible, also some other modes like puzzle mode are already build to some extent. But wanted to keep the released prototype as simple as possible to test out basic mechanics.