A downloadable game for Android

Kwup a kwup a wwaaawaaawaaa a braaaak, kwu kwaaa! Kwaaaa kwak!
Kwaaaak, kwaakwaa kwa kwaak.

★ Kwup
★ Kruch
★ Braaaak
★ Kwaaawaaawaaa..
★ Phuuuu
★ Khuuuk
★ Kwaak Kwaak

For non-Ducklanguage speakers:

Up and up and shake and touch, you do it well! Now hurry up!

Play alone or with your friends a fast paced action reaction game.
Observe carefully ducks actions and take proper reactions with your smartphone. It sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Haha! But watch out! You have to react right and in the right time!

★ tilt the smartphone up
★ tilt the smartphone down
★ shake the smartphone
★ touch the smartphone
★ blow at your smartphone
★ hug the smartphone
★ pass the the smartphone to your friend


Kwaaak.apk 32 MB

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