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This is my contribution for the #monstermash2014.

A game of this jam could be defined by multipliers and i've implemented them all in my game. So here they are:

"From The Crypt" - Base your monster off of cryptozoology research, whether they're a creature on the run from humanity or just a character in your game.
"Deja Boo" - Remake a game - yours, or a demake - with monster characters instead of humans. What if Lara Croft was a spectre? What if the Mario Brothers were djinns? How would the game change?
"Eros" - Work a romance - accepted, forbidden or otherwise - into your game between monsters.
"Fairytale" - Make a game in the style of your own original fairy tale - the real gnarly Brothers Grimm style.
"Hissssstory Shapes The World" - Make a game where everything that goes on, was somehow influenced by (fictional / nonfictional) events in the past - why are there monsters? Why are they acting like they do?
"What a Hoof" - Design your game so that it can be played by unwieldy hands - or hooves.
"Misunderstood" - Use art, dialog or sound effects to make a normally horrific monster adorable.
"Keeping It In The Phantom-ily" - Include a monster in your game from the mythology of a culture other than your own.
"Spare The Rod" - Work information into your game about your monsters to inform the player about their origin. Edutainment.

- a: one, or more at the same time of q,w,e,r,a,s,d,f,x,c and v
- b: one, or more at the same time of u,i,o,p,h,j,k,l,n,m and ,
- space-bar: mute the music
- you can skip the opening story with a or b

Music by PlayOnLoop.com

Game by @WowaTheU

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Published 3 years ago
AuthorWaldemar Umaniz